Real Estate

Czech Real Estate in Russia

Real Estate multiservices

  • Real estate in the Czech Republic by customer request
  • Care and management of real estate in the Czech Republic
  • Care and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants
  • Renting agricultural land

Security Services

Security Services

Personal security | Protection | Real Estate monitoring 24/365

  • Personal security, protection of cultural events
  • Real Estate monitoring 24/365

"Bugs" detection

  • Surveillance, protection against surveillance
  • Repayment of debts
  • Collecting information
  • Supervision and inspection
  • Mystery shoping
proti_odposlechu - Video

proti_odposlechu - Video

Legal services


FABER VISUM - brand promotion in Czech Republic

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Hello friends!
In our representations offices in Canada, Israel, Russia and Czech Republic, we are always take care about quality and efficiency of services which we offers you. The FABER VISUM promotion line guarantee you precision and forethought of our visual marketing service. Our simple motto is: "The design of your dreams".
So let's make your dreams come true with us!
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